Working out on Holiday?

Young woman weight training

As I write this post,  I’m packed and ready to go on a trip …… 24 hours in new york, then a  two weeks tour through Peru/Bolivia. To say I’m excited is an understatement, I’ve been wanting to do this holiday for years, and can’t believe it is now happening for me. Trekking to see Machu Picchu is going to be a highlight, as well as seeing the real amazon rainforest.


So whilst, I’ll be having a fab time, what will happen to my workout regime? I’m hoping for an active holiday, with the Inca trail setting the tone, I’m happy with ny fitness levels for tackling it, let’s just hope I don’t get the dreaded altitude sickness.


Running has become an addiction, and I love running to sight-see, so I’ve packed running shoes and an outfit (and my trusty Garmin). Hoping to do a central park run on Sunday morning, which has always been on my to -do list. As any more opportunities come up, I’ll pop into my running gear and get a few miles in when I can.


On the strength training front, I’ve just finished (this morning) stage one of NROLFW, which suggests a break after stage 1. So I’m comfortable not doing too much, might try and fit in a few push up/sit ups/boat positions of an evening to keep the muscles going.


What do you guys do on holiday? Work out or take a rest?



6 thoughts on “Working out on Holiday?

  1. Definitely take my kit. There’s nothing like running tourism! Some of my best runs ever, Rome at 7:30 am, sunrise in Dubai, even an early evening stress busting run around the park in Blackpool (at a conference) are lovely memories. It adds something special! But do be safe, check with your tour guide before running alone in Peru ☺️

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    1. Rome sounds blissful in the morning. Earlier this year at the Edinburgh Festival I loved my 7am run up the royal mile – such a stoic and history filled road, enjoyed without a crowd of tourists.


  2. I usually walk so much while traveling that I don’t worry much about doing other forms of exercise. I usually run when I get the itch to do so (which happens at some point during any holiday), but I’m not as regimented with running as I am when I’m at home. I definitely don’t weight train while traveling! Too lazy!


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