First Half Marathon … aimed for 2hr30 ……and achieved..

HM RunKeeper 12OCT2014

Drum roll please….2 hours and 9 minutes  – to say I’m chuffed would be an understatement.

Everything went like clockwork, easy day on Saturday, lots of carbs and resting. Had an early start and a large bowl of porridge, then a second breakfast at Pret with a chocolate croissant and more coffee.

I loved all the crowds of runners converging on Hyde Park for the race, was less keen on the massive queues for baggage and porta-loos.

Many moons ago when signing up for the race, I’d estimated my time at over 2hr30 (as I had no idea how long it’s take me), which left me in the slow starting group. What I soon learned is men overestimate, women underestimate.

When we finally started (40 mins after the first group), I was very glad I brought my disposable top, as I ran the first 2 miles in it. The pace started really fast at just over 9 min/mile, I kept trying to slow down but realised I was keeping up with the pace and not suffering…..I did slow down slightly, and enjoyed the run.

Hyde Park, Green Park, St James Park, Kensington Gardens, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Embankment, The Mall, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square then more Hyde Park in autumn colours. And not to mention the weather – a bit peaky, but miraculously dry.

The run went really well, and was so enjoyable and felt really easy – I thought I was pushing the pace, but as my body didn’t agree I just kept it up, as was secretly smug that all the training had paid off. Managed a sprint for the last 400m to ensure I got my time under 2hr10min, then was surprised at how well I felt (there were some sorry stories at the finish line).

Afterwards went for a well deserved pizza lunch, then went to see the 100 leading ladies exhibition (100 influential ladies over 50). The photos were inspiring, and a good insight to how they see themselves (and want to be seen).  *Shh* I was embarrassed to say I hardly knew any of them, what a bad feminist I am. Resolved to read an article on each of them and spread the word.

In summary, a great first race, think I might get addicted now. Now for marathon training for Edinburgh 2015.


7 thoughts on “First Half Marathon … aimed for 2hr30 ……and achieved..

    1. Thanks Staci, glad it finally come together on race day – after a few disastrous training runs, I did wonder if I’d lost my running mojo.


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