October 2014…..the beginning of a fitness obsession?

On the eve of my half marathon, I’m feeling healthy and confident, are really loving the change in me from 6 months ago.

In April I was over 11 stones, bursting out of my size 12 clothes and generally a little bit unhealthy. After watching the marathon, I really wanted to try running – after all if all those people can run, why can’t I?

The next day I made the necessary purchases, and a few days later tried my first run. When I say run, I was very enthusiastic, however sadly lacking in both aerobic fitness and general skill.

Working through the pain, I’ve more learned to love running, and really enjoy my time outside – working my body and freeing my mind.

Yoga has been my antidote to the running damage. After must sessions I do a 45 min yoga regime, which really stretches out those muscles and works on my balance and core strength.

I’ve always done some light strength training, and have started lifting heavy now with NROLFW.

Six months later, the bug has caught and I’m planning on keeping up the fitness and making it a regular part of my routine. I’m now addicted.



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